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Master in Management (MiM)


The Master in Management (MiM) is a master’s program offered by the TUM School of Management. It has been specifically designed for students with a background in engineering or natural sciences with little or no previous knowledge of management. Participation in the program enables the student to learn essential concepts of business and management. On completion of the program, the student is equipped with a unique skill set which allows them to utilize the knowledge from their technical background in combination with the recently acquired concepts of management, thereby making them highly attractive to employers.

Program Structure

The duration of the program is two years (4 semesters) commencing in the winter semester, and requires a full-time study commitment (30 ECTS credits per semester). The program is held entirely in English, and a few elective German modules are also available. In the first and second semester, the basic mandatory modules in Management, Law and Economics are offered. In the third semester , students have the opportunity to participate in project studies or an exchange program at a foreign university. Elective modules are also offered and the student has the option to specialize in a specific field. The fourth semester consists of the master thesis.


You can choose to specialize in one of the following fields:

  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship

    You want to understand how disruptive ideas turn into successful business models? You are interested in learning how entrepreneurs think and act? Whether you are planning to start your own business or are simply fascinated from innovation practices and methods, the specialization in Innovation & Entrepreneurship is the right choice if you are a problem solver. Analyzing business models from different perspectives until the very last detail is demanded in the same manner as capturing “the big picture”. Students enjoy this specialization due to its well-balanced offer of theoretical classes such as Value-based Business Strategy & Innovation, providing relevant strategic and financial foundations and practically oriented modules such as the Case Study Seminar forEntrepreneurial Strategy. Classes are often held in English, some in German.

    Contact Person for Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Hanna Scholta

  • Finance & Accounting

    The specialization in Finance & Accounting is for all students interested in financial related topics such as Asset ManagementGroup AccountingManagement Accounting and Risk Management. Students are familiarized with the accounting regulations according to IFRS as well as the HGB. This module contains most of the seminars and lectures, so this is where the maximum of options regarding the course choice is offered. Because of the huge course offer this module is for beginners in financial topics as well as advanced students already familiar with basic financial concepts. Most of the courses are held in English so you can take the whole module in English if you want.

    Contact Person for Finance and Accounting: Benedikt Schepperle

  • Marketing, Strategy & Leadership

    The specialization in Marketing, Strategy and Leadership offers a broad spectrum of lectures and seminars into different aspects of the three areas. Most courses are seminars with only small groups, which enables great mentoring. Aside from the methodological education into different empirical research methods and paper styles, the students will dive deep into their chosen subjects. The topics are close to practice and the seminars are often conducted in cooperation with industrial partners to offer a practical application of the acquired skills. Students will, depending on their focus, expand their knowledge into the human psyche of leadership, theoretical and practical marketing practices and strategy development and implementation for entities in an ever-changing environment. Most courses are held in English, but there are also some in German.

  • Operations & Supply Chain Management

    The specialization in OSCM is suitable for those, who are interested in the manifold areas across a companies’ supply chain, such as procurement, production or logistics and have a strong interest for methodological approaches towards those topics. Students will enhance their knowledge in the theoretical backgrounds of the modern Operations research-techniques modeling, optimization and simulation as well as acquire useful skills by implementing those on real-world examples from various branches like the Automotive, Airport or Process Industry. In addition to an Advanced Seminar, students get to choose among different classes such as Logistics and Operations Strategy, Inventory Management or Designing and Scheduling Lean Manufacturing Systems. Knowledge in the area of Modeling, Optimization and Simulation is advised for a successful start in this major. All classes and seminars are held in English!

    Contact Person for OSCM: Christina Liepold

  • Economics & Policy

    In the Economics & Policy specialization you get to know the basics of Economics and the role of the government within economy. You will analyze different theoretical models about the states participation as well as the impact of different political systems on the economy. Furthermore, you will gain knowledge about different government styles and approaches towards the most challenging problems nowadays. There are many seminars so you should have no problem find one. Please be aware that some lectures are held in German.

  • Energy Markets

    If you are interested in Energy Markets then this specialization is a perfect fit for you. In the basic courses Energy Market I and II you will gain a basic understanding why energy markets are a very special area and need some different approaches than other industries. You will also learn about what challenges Energy Markets are facing. At the moment there are only a few seminars available. All courses are in English so there should be no problem for non-German speakers.

  • Life Sciences

    In the specialization of Life Sciences, you find a course offer dealing with Agriculture and Energy Markets as well as Consumer Behavior. Most of the courses are also available in other modules. There are only few seminars available at the moment. Most of the courses are in English so you are able to take this module in 100% English.

If you have suggestions for new subjects and modules, you can submit them to the faculty using this form.


Suitable applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree in natural sciences or engineering (min. 6 semesters with min. 180 ECTS) and adequate knowledge of English. And of course you must pass the regular recruitment procedure.

For further information or suggestions to improve the study program, you can contact the Quality Circle MiM per Email.

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