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For Prospective Students

Are you interested in pursuing a business degree with an additional focus on natural sciences and engineering? Do you have an affinity for logical thinking and skills in dealing with numbers? Would you like the explore the workings of global business models but also their technological foundations?

Then our Bachelor program in in Management & Technology (TUM-BWL) could be just the right fit for you.

Overall Information

The TUM-BWL degree program consists of 70% business science modules and 30% material from the technical focus area of your choosing. This ratio allows you to attain a solid foundation in economics, supplemented by relevant technical skills. The combination is in high demand on the job market: Successfully completing your TUM-BWL degree will position you to have your pick between a wide range of career paths. Instead of limiting your focus, you are expanding your career opportunities.

Do these focus areas catch your interest?

  • Management

    • Process Optimization
    • Controlling & Finance
    • Strategy & Leadership
    • Empirical Research
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Investment Management
  • Technology

    • Machine Parts
    • Information Management
    • Databases
    • Inorganic Chemistry
    • Nano Technology
    • Electronic Circuitry

What you should also know:

  • Please know that Mathematics loom large over all aspects of your Bachelor program – there’s no way around it. But if you stay on top of preparing and processing all lecture materials every week, you should be able to ace your exam without any problems.
  • Because the majority of all lectures are held in English and the degree program is becoming increasingly internationalized, solid command of the English language is a prerequisite. For native speakers and ambitious students, we also offer the option to complete all modules in the Bachelor in English, with specific mention of your efforts in your final certificate.
  • It’s also wise to gain as much advance knowledge in your technical focus area as possible, in order to know what to expect. Your choices are Chemistry, Electrical and Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Renewable Resources, Informatics, and Computer Engineering; the latter offered exclusively in English. In preparation for choosing your technical focus in the second semester, the faculty and student council offer decision-making support at an early stage.
  • Because some of the technical lectures in the Bachelor in Management & Technology (TUM-BWL) are offered outside our downtown campus, your academic activities are not limited to the faculty for Economic Sciences but also take you to other locations, including the renowned TU Campus in Garching. The focus area Renewable Resources is taught entirely at the Science Center in Straubing.

For additional information, please consult our official Bachelor in Management web page and the Faculty homepage.

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