Fachschaft TUM SOM

The TUM-BWL e.V.

The financial and legal affairs of the student council are handled by a non-profit association.

  • What is the association?

    The TUM-BWL e.V. was founded in 2002 and is a non-profit association with the task of representing the activities of the TUM SOM Student Council. The purpose of the association is to promote professional education and student support.

    This also includes:

    • Supporting initiatives of the Student Council TUM SOM
    • Facilitating access to personal and vocational development
    • Opportunities for students to network through events with speakers from a variety of backgrounds and alumni
    • Public relations work for the above-mentioned degree programmes
    • Awarding prizes and scholarships to students to promote excellence
  • What is the relationship between the association and the student council TUM SOM?

    The association is responsible for all financial affairs of the student council, including the financing of activities, as well as billing for expenses. The association exerts no operative influence in university affairs. The board of the association is in charge of all association finances, because the Bavarian University and College Act (BayHSchG) prohibits student councils from owning any financial resources.

    As a result, the association’s key responsibility consists of monitoring all student council projects from an organizational and financial perspective, thereby acting as a sort of supervisory committee.

  • Who can join the association?

    Committed students can become a member of the TUM-BWL e.V. There are annual general meetings at which the board of directors is elected and the past term of office is reported. You can reach the current board of directors via mail.

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