Fachschaft TUM SOM

The Student Council

Who are we?

The Student Council TUM SOM represents all of the approx. 4,500 students currently enrolled at the TUM School of Management in matters involving the university. This includes all Bachelor program students as well as those in the Master in Management & Technology (formerly TUM-BWL), Master in Management (MiM) and the Master in Consumer Science (MCS) programs.

The student council is composed of students from all previously mentioned programs, committed to ensuring the best interest of their fellow students in a variety of areas. At the time of writing, the Student Council TUM SOM consists of approx. 40 active members as well as a large number of supporters.

What do we do?

All of the student council’s activities are always aimed at ensuring the best possible outcomes for students enrolled in our faculty. Our sphere of influence includes the right to vote in the TUM School of Management faculty council next to professors. This allows us to take an active role in shaping your academic experience, whether it’s by having a voice in fundamental decisions, voting on amendments to the articles of association or spearheading improvements on behalf of all students.

In addition, we are always happy to assist you on all your questions regarding your studies. We also organize workshops to prepare you for entering the job market. We also maintain a constantly updated online job board to match you with internships, student trainee jobs, research assistant positions as well as study projects and final thesis opportunities. We also actively guide the onboarding of first semester students during the orientation phases and host at least three parties per semester – featuring cocktails and mulled wine concession stands – in order to help you connect to student life in Munich.

Interested in joining? Here’s how to become part of the Student Council!

You are welcome to join the Student Council TUM SOM at any time of your study, nobody has to go through any application process or similar selection procedures. And, of course, you can also choose yourself how much time to spend with Student Council tasks! In any case, there are many exciting tasks waiting for you from the different departments of the Student Council TUM SOM. Click on the individual departments and look for what fits you best:

  • Eventmanagement

    Whether Party or the Cocktail Booth and Mulled Wine Booth – you socialize, we organize!

  • University Policy

    We represent your interests in various councils in front of the faculty, professors, and the entire university.

  • Student Experience

    Whether you’re in your Bachelor’s or Master’s, we are always available to answer your questions. Additionally we organize for you the Freshmen Orientation Phase and many information sessions throughout the semester.

  • Internal Affairs

    We are in charge of maintaining all internal affairs, including team events, staff retreats and interactions with the TUM student council (SV).

Before making any kind of commitment to a specific project or long-term engagement in a department, you are free to take your time to get to know the people and projects here at the student council. We are happy to provide an overview of current affairs at the TUM School of Management. Why not join one of our student council meetings, held bi-weekly on Tuesdays during the semester at 6:30 PM. In order to confirm the next date for our student council meeting, just drop us a mail.

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