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Student Experience

Your Point of Contact for Questions about Studies

  • Personal Counseling

    We are your contact point for advice – from students, for students! We pass on our first-hand study experience to you. For example, we can give you tips and tricks about university life, support you in choosing a technical major, or tell you our experience about exams. You can visit us personally, look at our FAQ’s, call us at +49 (0)89/289-28221 or send us a mail. We will reply to your emails or forward them to the appropriate people, so you get the best possible advice at all times. For important topics we can also arrange private consultation appointments. You can also contact us at one of our Help Desks. We are happy to help you.

  • Welcome Event

    Every year, we welcome our Bachelor and Master freshmen students with a traditional Bavarian Weißwurst breakfast on the first day at university. In order to have enough beer and pretzels for everyone, the Student Experience Department plans the entire breakfast.  The department also cares for the organization of the freshmen buddies. You can contact the buddies as well if you have any questions. A few weeks after the start of the semester, the highlight of the freshmen weeks for our Bachelor students is the freshmen weekend, where we go to a hotel at Lake Chiemsee with 130 freshmen. We will have an amazing party-weekend together! Of course we also go on a weekend trip with our Master students. But you’d better be quick: After 5 minutes after the presale starts, all places are booked out! Such a massive weekend needs to be well organized.

  • Information Sessions

    Do you have doubts which technical major you want to choose? Or do you have any questions about which subjects to take? Then come to the information event of the technology major! Here, we will give you a short summary of the respective technology major and then answer all your questions.

    We will also organize an information session to prepare you for the exam. Here we give a short overview of all exams of the first semester. The info session takes place every year in January. There, we will answer all your questions about the exams (except the solutions of the exam, which we would also like to know ).

    If we haven’t answered all your questions yet, you don’t even have to come to us – we’ll come to you. At our HelpDesk – Ask us anything you can literally ask us any question. We are happy to answer your questions about semesters abroad, project studies or working student jobs – or anything else.

  • Events

    You want to be volunteer, but have no idea where? Then come to the Day of student Initiatives. At this fair, you can get to know many initiatives in one go and talk to members personally.

    You want to get money for studying? How about a scholarship! On the Evening of the Scholarships you can inform yourself about all available scholarships. And you don’t necessarily need good grades for all of them – with many scholarships, social engagement is much more important.

    In addition, we organize regulars’ tables (Stammtisch) and many other cool opportunities to get to know your fellow students.

  • Get Involved!

    You like our cool events? You want to pass on your experiences to the new generation of students? You want to know more about your course than anyone else?

    Then contact us via mail and come to our department meeting! We are looking forward to seeing you!

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