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Before the start of your programe

To-Do before the start of your programe

Check that all your documents have been received

This can take a while, but make sure to check regularly just to be safe.

Check your account on Campus Online→ Application → View Details → Application Submissions

This will show a list of all required documents; also pay attention to “mandatory” and “optional” documents in some cases.


All documents accompanied by a green arrow have been successfully submitted.

Make sure to pay your student fees

Because the TUM Munich is a public German university, there are no tuition fees! Students are required to pay a basic semester ticket fee for each semester they are enrolled. We suggest paying the fee as soon as you accept your admission and no later than 15 September (for winter semesters).

Secure a place to stay

To say that the rental market in Munich is “somewhat pressured” could qualify as a gross understatement. You need to face the facts: Renting a place in Munich tends to be expensive and spontaneously securing accommodations within a matter of two days is a tall order.

Make sure to secure a place to stay with friends or family for a few nights, if needed, unless you happen to live within a suitable commuting distance. Couch surfing is an option until you have locked down a permanent arrangement for living in Munich. Please also remember to register as a resident at city hall within two weeks of relocating to Munich.

Resources for finding a room share, student housing or your own apartment:

  • wg-gesucht.de
  • Facebook Groups
  • On-campus bulletin boards at the TUM near the food court
  • Run a classified ad in a local newspaper (SZ, AZ, etc.)
  • Word-of-mouth – keep your eyes and ears open

Register for the Mathematics Prep Course

If you’re not exactly a math genius or took some time off between your high school exam and applying for college, this prep course could be a safe choice. It will also bring you up to date on current formats and conventions, as well as new focus areas in the field. And it will prepare you for overall campus life by meeting new people and making the first new friends during the prep course.

Periodically check your Email

Keep an eye on your TUM email inbox. Alternatively, you can arrange for forwarding your TUM email messages to your main inbox. Also look out for regular updates on the Faculty Facebook Pages and also follow the student council on social media. Actually, do that right now while you’re at it!

Pick up your Student ID

Your student card is an indispensable tool and the university will send you a notification when it’s ready to be picked up. Factor in some extra wait time right at the start of the semester or the prep courses, as lines tend to get rather long. Here’s what the student card gets you.

During Corona student cards will be sent out via post, more information on the TUM Website.

Get your finances in order

As already mentioned, Munich tends to be expensive. That’s why looking into potential financial aid as early as possible might be a good idea. Scholarships or BAföG (Federal Education and Training Assistance) can reduce your financial burden, but keep in mind that the process can be time-consuming until you receive that first check. Finding work in Munich is actually not that difficult, just ask around and you will get a good job to boost your funds

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