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Internal Organization

At first sight, the department for Internal Organization may not exactly sound very glamorous, but it actually provides a sound foundation for all student council activities. You also have the chance to contribute at regular intervals to our efforts. But let’s start with an introduction…

Who are we?

The department for Internal Organization is by far the smallest department in the entire student council. It consists of merely three members – the council speakers. These are students who have in the past made a special effort on behalf of the faculty and have been voted into office by the other student council members at the start of each summer semester.

What does the department do?

  • Coordinating the student council

    In a way, the council speakers can be described by the statement: „Big Brother is watching you“. They are informed about all proceedings within the student council and coordinate the cooperation between individual departments. Whenever problems occur, it is their job to solve them in close communications with the respective department heads.

  • Representing the student council

    The council speakers are the public face of the student council. This applies both to external as well as internal communications. They are responsible for fielding all external inquiries that cannot be clearly directed to one of the other departments. They also represent the student council, together with the department heads of the department for University Policy, in front of the university council and professors. In this function, they also have the responsibility of voicing concerns on your behalf during coordination meetings, which bring to light issues that otherwise would remain uncovered.

  • General Student Council Meeting

    There is at least one general assembly of the student council per semester. These meetings are held to keep you updated about all activities in our student council. As of recently, the general assemblies have gained a more interactive dimension and feature information booths as well as free White Sausage and pretzels on our tab. Each general assembly requires major preparation, and the three student council speakers gladly enlist additional support to make it happen.

  • Organizing staff retreats

    Every semester, the student council retreats for two to three days to a hotel near Munich in order to discuss the strategic direction for the coming semester. During a number of workshops, we elaborate on strategies and courses of action to improve your academic experience at the TUM School of Management. These projects have also included “regular” student council members in the past, who have lent us a hand in organizing.

  • Conducting the council meetings

    Our open-to-the-public student council meetings take place every two weeks. Their main purpose lies with keeping all interested students informed about the council’s current efforts. The preparation and implementation of these meetings is also part of our responsibilities here at Internal Organization.

If you happen to have any questions, specific inquiries or general suggestions on the work of our student council, don’t hesitate to contact us at via mail. We would be delighted to hear from you and offer our help!

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