Fachschaft TUM SOM

Event Management

The department for Event Management is in charge of organizing events of the TUM SOM student council. This includes regular events such as:

  • Semester Opening Party
  • Midterm Party
  • Semester Closing Party
  • Mulled Wine and Cocktail Concession Stand
  • Graduation Party
  • Representing the TUM-BWL program in the Münchener Management Kolloquium (MMK)

We are happy to provide an introduction on how to plan, conduct, and successfully conclude a project and related event as part of our work here at the student council. If organizing an entire event on your own sounds like a tall order, you may start by assisting in our regular events, as helpers are always needed. Whatever you decide, you are sure to have a fun time in our department!

Reach out to us anytime to learn more about our activities or drop by during one of our bi-weekly student council meetings.

We can be reached via mail for business inquiries (please add “business” to your subject line).

  • Semester Opening Party

    In order to kick off every new semester in style, we host our popular Semester Opening Parties at the beginning of each lecture cycle. These events provide the perfect backdrop for celebrating your reunion with fellow students after the semester break while meeting new participants enrolled in your program. The nightclubs we book for these events offer special rates for students to go easy on your funds as the semester begins.

  • Midterm Party

    Over the past few years, so-called midterm-parties have become a fixed institution here at the student council. The main goal is to maintain a regular frequency of festivities and celebrating the halfway-point of the semester. This also provides a chance for all third-semester students to celebrate their midterm-exam in IT.

  • Semester Closing Party

    Ending each semester with a bang, we host a semester closing party which traditionally takes place directly after the final official exam in our faculty. It’s the perfect opportunity to toast to your new-found freedom after weeks of hitting the books and cramming for lectures. Keeping things interesting, we maintain a constant rotation of party locations and specials at clubs for a fresh experience every time.

  • Mulled Wine and Cocktail Booth

    In order to sweeten the pre-holiday season, every winter we host our traditional mulled wine stand in the courtyard of our campus. Starting in the afternoon, this is the place to warm up with hot mulled wine and tasty gingerbreads.

    And to help you cool off during the summer, we present a week of freshly mixed cocktails. Accompanied by chill tunes in the courtyard, it’s the right ambiance to enjoy the breeze with friends and an expertly crafted refreshment.

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