Welcome to the Student Council TUM School of Management Heilbronn!

Students located at the TUM-Campus in Heilbronn are represented through our local “Student Council Heilbronn”. We have a lot in common with the Student Council in Munich, but there are also some slight differences in our structure and tasks. Present in Heilbronn since 2018, the TUM-SOM-branch is a very young entity, and so is its Student Council. We are currently in a development stage, where every semester, new dedicated students join our “Fachschaft” to help shape the life and experiences at our campus. Anyone who wants to be a part of our big family can get active and participate in one of the three following departments: University Policy, Event Management, and Social Media & Marketing. But what do the individual departments actually do?

University Policy

  • We are the point of contact regarding questions about your studies in Heilbronn
  • We offer guidance to any prospective students wanting to start at TUM Campus Heilbronn
  • We constantly try to improve the experience of students here in Heilbronn
  • We work closely with the administration and faculty to improve your learning experience
  • The campus size provides us with a bigger sphere of influence
  • We are involved in the hiring process of new professors for our campus

Event Management

  • We plan and organize all student-related events
  • Be it parties, get-togethers, or virtual meetings, we will not let your student life get boring
  • We cooperate with various entities from our campus to organize common events
  • We aim to get people together and give students of TUM-Heilbronn a platform to socialize and meet new people
  • We care about all aspects of your social campus life

Social Media & Marketing

  • We manage and create content on our Instagram page
  • We administer all TUM-HN-bachelor/master-groups on Facebook
  • We organize a job-board for the students in Heilbronn
  • We create posters and rollouts for events
  • We are the voice of the Student Council
  • We work together with our two other departments

Do you have any questions regarding the Student Council Heilbronn, or are you interested in joining us?

Feel free to contact us: [email protected]

Photographs Made by Photographer MATT STARK

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