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For First Semester Bachelor Students

  • Maths Pre-course

    Time and structure

    Two weeks before semester start, the Technical University offers daily lectures, a course exercise session (the professor demonstrates solving exam problems) and a tutor exercise. In the winter semester 2020/2021, the whole course, including the tutorials, will take place online.


    Attendance is free but not mandatory, even if you have registered. Register in TUMonline both for the lecture and for the tutorial you want to attend. You will find all the details about the registration on the website of the Mathematics Faculty.

    Course content

    The purpose of this pre-course is to provide you with a welcome opportunity to catch up on your math skills, get a handle on the fundamental symbols and manners of speech surrounding Maths and, most of all, meet new friends.

    Focus areas include relations, figures, equations and inequalities, limit values, differentiation and integration as well as vectors and systems of equations.  

  • Student Card

    Every new student is handed a Student Card at the start of their program.

    Where and how can it be picked up? You can obtain your Student Card in the Enrollment Hall on the main campus (you will receive a detailed email notification). After every semester, you need to update your Student Card as it is only validated for one semester at a time. You can find automated validation stations in the Enrollment Hall on the main campus, as well as on the Garching campus.

    So what kind of perks does the Student Card get you? It is your official library card (activated via TUMonline) and serves as your method of payment in the Mensa and Stucafé. It’s also your regular student ID that will get you student discounts from all kinds of companies and also your ID for using the campus sports center (ZHS). The Student Card is also your complementary baseline ticket to your Semester Ticket for public transportation – so don’t lose it.

  • Our Campus

    Our university consists of several campuses, the most important locations are:

      1. Downtown Campus
        Home to the faculties for Electrical and Information Technology, Civil Engineering, Geology, Environmental Science, Architecture and School of Management. The campus can best be reached via the U2/U8 subway lines, Theresienstraße Station, as well as several bus lines (stops at Technical University and Luisenstraße). The tram line 27/28 offers an alternative (get off at the Pinakotheken stop).
      2. Campus Garching
        Specialized in natural sciences, in Garching you will find here the faculties for Physics, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics and Informatics. The campus can be reached via subway line U6, Garching Forschungszentrum station.
      3. Campus Straubing
        Here you can choose renewable resources as your technical specialization.
      4. Campus Heilbronn
        This location dedicated to Management studies combined with a deep dive into digital technologies.

    Aside from these campuses, there is also the Science Center in Weihenstephan, the University Hospital as well as several regional locations across Bavaria.

  • Pitfalls and Potential Issues

    In the first two semesters of your studies, you have to pay attention 4 exams. You must pass 3 out of these 4 exams until the end of your 2nd semester, otherwise you will be ex-matriculated. The exams are the following:

    • Mathematics 1 (1st Semester, Re-take exam at the end of winter semester break)
    • Management Science (1st Semester, Re-take exam in the 2nd Semester)
    • VWL/Economics (1st Semester, Re-take exam in the 2nd Semester)
    • Statistics (2nd Semester, Re-take exam at the end of summer semester break)

We hope you have a great start at TUM!
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