Welcome Master Freshmen 2020!

We are your fellow students from the Student Council TUM School of Management (Fachschaft TUM SOM) and we like to organize events for you: from small gatherings to important career events! But above all …

We are here to help you get off to a good start in your first semester. You can always contact us with questions, suggestions and wishes concerning your studies, just write us an e-mail. If you are interested in joining the Student Council yourself, just visit one of our meetings, which take place online every second Tuesday. Maybe you would like to organize an event together with other students, or you find university politics interesting and would like to express your opinion? Find out what we can do together.

Do you want to get to know new people from your study program? We already have the right events planned for you, no matter whether you are in Munich or anywhere else around the world! Make sure to subscribe to our channels so that you don’t miss an event, deadline or other information! In the upcoming weeks, we will update this blog post regularly with new info, so check here for updates 😉