We are your fellow students. We are part of the Student Council TUM School of Management (Fachschaft TUM SOM). Our mission is to create memorable events for you, from career-related events to mulled wine and cocktail stands on campus to exciting parties. Our main aim, however, is to ensure that you have a smooth start to your first semester and the most successful time of your studies.

Are you interested in joining the Student Council? Maybe you’d like to make new friends, collaborate with fellow students on events, or get involved in university policy to shape your academic journey and voice your opinions. If you have any questions, suggestions or want to join – Send us an email or join our next general meeting.

Join our next general meeting on Tue, 23.04.2024 7.30 PM in room Z534 (The room of the Bavarian lunch). We welcome all Freshers and interested students with some drinks and snacks