Recap: Stem Cell Typification 2024

Over the past two days, Luka Knettel and Henry Miller from the Student Council TUM School of Management had the privilege of organising and participating in a stem cell typing event at the TUM School of Management in cooperation with Stiftung Aktion Knochenmarkspende Bayern (AKB). It’s been an incredible journey from the first brainstorming session five months ago to organising every detail of the event.

In partnership with AKB, we delved into sponsorship, scheduling, marketing and spoke to many officials to ensure a successful event. The weekend prior, we packed goodie bags filled with products from our sponsors, gearing up for the main event.

Throughout the two days, we engaged in lots of enlightening conversations, informed individuals about the importance of stem cell typification, and successfully typed 420 people at Technische Universität München. It’s heartwarming to know that our efforts may contribute to saving lives in the future. Additionally we received a donation from Sparda-Bank München eG to finance a big part of the registrations.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to be part of this initiative. A huge thank you to AKB for their support, to the dedicated volunteers and everyone who made this event possible and to our sponsors for their generosity.

Let’s continue spreading awareness and making a difference together! 💪

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