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We hope the exam period is going well for you so far. If you want to acquire some background knowledge in regard to your studies, check out the following paragraphs.

Your Voice Matters: The Positive Impact Rating is Online Now! 

As you already know from the last university policy news, us students from TUM School of Management are taking part in this year’s Positive Impact Rating (PIR) for Business Schools. It evaluates our schools contribution to solving societal challenges and acting as a lever of change to the transformation of the business school landscape.
This rating gives you the unique chance to contribute to the assessment of TUM School of Management’s positive impact. Please fill out the survey if you haven’t already! An email with your personal survey link was sent to you on January 12th.

Postponement of academic progress requirements for WT20/21

This is also not new but still very important!

Excerpt from the TUM Corona website

For students who are enrolled in the winter semester 2020 and not on leave of absence, the deadlines to achieve academic progress requirements will be extended by one semester to accommodate any problems arising from the Coronavirus. This decision is made for all students and does not require a separate application to the responsible examination board.

As for summer semester 2020, the standard duration of study (Regelstudienzeit) is extended by one semester. This legislative amendment specifically aims to extend automatically the maximum period of BAföG eligibility by one semester. A confirmation of this individual standard duration of study is printed on your certificate of enrolment, available in the Print Documents section of your TUMonline account. 

For degree programs requiring a certain number of fundamentals module examinations to be taken by the end of the second semester of enrollment in the program, the deadline is extended by one semester.

What does this imply?

Firstly, not passing an exam within this semester will have no effect on your academic success.

Secondly, it will also not affect your BaföG eligibility. Find out more about the current BAföG regulations

Thirdly, in case you are a freshman in the Bachelor of Management and Technology, this also affects the “3 out of 4” modules. 

  • Upfront clarification: as there are no GOPs in your program, there is no direct restriction on the number of attempts for an exam.
  • For all modules to which the “3 out of 4” rule applies, it will now be examined after the 3rd semester (i.e. in March 2022) whether you have passed the 3 out of 4 rule (instead of being examined after the 2nd semester (i.e. in September 2021)).
  • This means, for example, that Math 1 could be written 4 times during this period. For Management Science & VWL 1 you could take the exam 3 times during this time, for Statistics 2 times during this time.
  • If 3 of the 3/4 modules have been passed, the number of exams for the 4th module (as well as for all other modules) is only indirectly limited by the credit hurdle or the maximum number of semesters.

Exam Period and Online Teaching

  • My exams are taking place soon, e.g. next week: does this also affect me?
    If nothing has been communicated until 14 days before the exam, your exam should take place as scheduled (also if they are on-site).
  • What will happen with my exams that are not so imminent?
    For exams that are more than 14 days away, the following applies: 

    • On-site examination will only take place for small lectures (small = roughly 40 participants)
    • All other exams will either be 
      • online & at the same day
      • online & postponed
      • on-site & postponed (unlikely, at least it was communicated to lecturers that this is only possible for very justified reasons)

What does that mean for my exams specifically?
Currently, the lecturers are trying to find the best solution for their module. They will reach out to their students within the following week. Thus, you will soon know what exactly is changing for your exams.

Revision of Bavarian University Law

As you know, the imminent revision of the Bavarian University Law is a controversially debated issue. Student representatives across all faculties of TUM have been working intensely on the current legislative proposal to take a united stand for our position towards the other involved parties and raise concern on what is regarded as critical. The statement is currently being finalized. We will share it with you as soon as this has happened.

Keep an open eye on our social media channels as we will share it with you as soon as it has been published. If you miss out, do not worry, in the next Newsletter, we will also report on the progress. 

In the meantime, you can already dive deeper into the topic by reading the statement of the Landesstudierendenvertreter (student representatives of Bavaria):

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Short outlook on the next semester

The summer term 2021 is expected to be a hybrid semester. This means that there will be courses that can be taken completely online. There will, however, also be courses that will adapt to the current state of the pandemic and, thus, may change in their mode of teaching. 

As all of the above provided information can rapidly change depending on the current infection process in Munich, we recommend you to regularly check out the TUM’s and faculty’s corona websites:

→ TUM:

→ Faculty: 

We hope you are all happy, safe and healthy!

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