Our guide for Munich’s best bibs

The exam period begins: in the study rooms the fight for a place starts again at 8 o’clock and in the TUM Bib one looks for a quiet place to study from the early morning in vain, too. There is no doubt that the TUM Bib and the learning room have their advantages: Lidl is in an unbeatable position directly opposite, StehCafé or Benko are on site for a well-earned lunch break and you always meet friends here. But don’t you ever long for a change and a different view when you think about your script? Maybe you’ve simply tried all the coffees in the refrigerator at Lidl and tested every kebab in the surrounding of the university? We went on Bib Tour in Munich for you! Here are our favourites:

  • The Geology Library

    Let’s stick close to campus for now. Did you know that the LMU geology library is right down the street? This bib offers enough power outlets and window seats for every student. Besides, if you can forget about the study room and the TUM Bib, you can usually find a place here. Good to know: bags and food must be left in the locker.

    Luisenstraße 37 – U-Bahn Theresienstraße or Königsplatz, only a few minutes from the TUM main campus

  • The medical reading room at Goetheplatz

    Since TUM SOM students are well represented here, this hint is perhaps no surprise for you. But if you don’t know it yet: here you will find bright and beautiful rooms with large tables and large windows in a quiet environment. You can take your bags with you, which is of course very pleasant. Please note, however, that you will have to secure your place here early on – but it’s worth it! For your lunch break, there is a Turkish snack bar down the street towards the main station with an amazing selection of meze and pastries. That alone is a reason to visit the Medi Bib!

    Beethovenplatz 1 – U-Bahn Goetheplatz

  • The English Garden Library

    As the name suggests, this bib is located directly in the English Garden, on the other side of the university on Tivolistraße. Although the bib is quite small, you can usually find a place in one of the two bright rooms (with surprisingly many plants!). Best of all, you can spend your break in the English Garden and return to your desk perfectly refreshed. If you like, you can also take a short walk to the university for lunch. Unfortunately, you have to lock your bags here as well.

    Oettingenstraße 67 – bus stop Tivolistraße, but it is best to walk from the University U-Bahn station through the English Garden in about 15 minutes.

  • The Bavarian State Library

    Let’s get to the classic: the StaBi. Many students feel a mixture of love and hate for the StaBi and spend far too much time of their lives here despite the obvious shortcomings. Advantages: power socket and light at every table, large tables and the beautiful staircase leading to the reading room. Night owls can study here until 12am. But that’s about it: it’s not exactly quiet and the real fight for seats, which actually starts before 8 am – do you really want to do that to yourself? On the other hand, did you really study in Munich if you never saw the StaBi from the inside?

    Ludwigstraße 16 – U-Bahn Universität

Have you already found your favorite bib or are you still looking for it?

We wish you a successful exam period!

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