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What is leukaemia?

Leukaemia or blood cancer is cancer of the blood-forming system. In leukaemia, too many white blood cells are produced by the blood stem cells, but they are usually not functional.

Every year, about 13,000 people in Germany contract leukaemia, including 600 children.

Usually the patient is treated with chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Unfortunately, chemotherapy or radiotherapy does not always work as hoped. The last chance for these patients is then often a so-called stem cell donation. In this case, people receive a transplant of blood stem cells from a matching donor. These new stem cells then produce healthy white blood cells again. 

Only 25% of all patients find a matching donor in their family. This means: 75% are dependent on a foreign donor!

Chances of successful treatment

Without a donor: 0%
With a donor: 40 to 75%

Every person has individual tissue characteristics and it is difficult to find a person with similar characteristics. Several million people are already registered in the worldwide database. But still every fifth patient who is in need of a stem cell donation cannot find a matching donor!

How does the registration work?

Registration and typification is easy. After filling out the registration form, there will be a small blood sample being taken from your arm, which then sent to the laboratory for analysis. The whole process is in line with strict data protection policies. 

If there is a chance of being matched with a patient, you will be contacted.

Who can get registered?

Anyone who is between 17 and 45 years old, in good physical condition and healthy can register. Stem cells can be donated up to the age of 60. Registration is possible from the age of 17, and activation in the international register takes place automatically upon turning 18. If you have any doubt, just come by and ask.

Already hyped to possibly save some lifes?

Just come to the immatriculation hall on November 17 or 18 (Wednesday or Thursday) and you will be treated with a free crepe afterwards and get the chance to win one of many presents in our tombola!

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