TUM SOM Alumni Meetup June 2024

Yesterday, our second TUM SOM Alumni Meetup provided an exclusive glimpse into the world of consultancy, thanks to Annabell Herz from Bain and Lea Plischuk from Roland Berger.

They started by sharing how their active engagement in the Student Council TUM School of Management paved their way into top consulting roles.

Then Annabell and Lea offered invaluable advice on navigating the consulting industry, from securing internships to landing full-time positions and achieving career growth. They discussed both the material and non-material perks of the job, shared what drives and inspires them, and gave tips on maintaining a work-life balance amid an intense schedule.

The official event time was not enough to address all our questions, so our discussions extended beyond the event into a lively networking dinner. Annabell and Lea clearly showed us – university life at TUM School of Management is about exploring new opportunities, gaining different experiences, and building strong networks.

So don’t wait – join us at our next event and discover what’s possible!
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