TUM Campuslauf 2024 in Garching

On May 15th, the TUM community gathered at the Garching Campus for 5K and 11K races. Our members from the Student Council TUM SOM enthusiastically embraced this opportunity to bond and represent us as a team while enjoying some fresh air and exercise.

Here we share the key takeaways from our members:

🏃‍♀️‍➡️Running is for everyone: It didn’t matter some were a beginner and others a seasoned pro in this sport, everyone was welcome to join in the fun. Students, professors, and alumni gathered at the same point to cross that awaited finish line.

🔋Feeling of empowerment: Throughout the race, the drive to keep going pushed them forward. And with cheers from the crowd at the end, extra boost of energy fueled their determination. It left most of them feeling fantastic, while others felt ready to tackle any running challenges that come their way.

🥳 In a nutshell, It was an unbeatable experience and definitely a recommendation to shake up your study routine with sports and good company.