Top tips for your student life in Munich

Since we like to share our knowledge, here are a few tips for your student life here in Munich:

Got Cash?!

Of course, it is best for you and your resume to do a good job as a student or internship. But if you want to get some money quickly, there are still alternatives that may not be as well known:
Central, spontaneous and uncomplicated: experimenTUM conducts economic experiments on the main premises and pays its participants properly (around 10 to 14 euros per hour, which always varies). Even if all seats are already filled, you still get 4 euros compensation. For this you have to answer simple questions on the PC, which are then evaluated for studies, the whole thing, of course, anonymously. You will receive the money in cash immediately after the experiment, so there is no effort with bank details, tax, etc. How do you get the jobs? Just sign up for the newsletter on the website. E-mails are regularly sent with appointments to which you can then register. But be careful: be quick, because the places offered are out of stock as quickly as possible.
Munich as a city should also be exploited: there are always numerous trade fairs, general meetings and events where companies want to present themselves. Companies are always looking for help at short notice and contact various trade fair agencies where you can help out. The jobs are very different: from waiters and promotions to information, everything is included. The principle goes something like this: You “apply” (little effort, nice picture is important) via the website to an agency, such as intercris or mks, and then get the job offers by email or check the website regularly. If you like an event, you can simply answer and find out within a few days whether you got the job. The wages are around 11.50 euros an hour. Alternatively, you can also search for suitable offers on sites such as Promotion Base. The nice thing is that it is really varied that you always see something different and meet a lot of cool people. However, you should also be aware that the work is sometimes not the most demanding and exciting.
And if you are looking for something long-term (student jobs, internships, etc.), just drop by our Jobboard!

Everything is online!

Although we cannot say that it would be pointless to go to the lectures, some of them are better to watch at home in peace. Since most of the lectures are recorded (information about this is available at the beginning of the semester), you can save yourself the time and effort and look at your subject at home. The recordings can then be found either on Lecturio or on the moodle page of the subject and they will be uploaded the days after the event. It is also practical that the videos can be played at up to twice the speed (it only takes a little getting used to) and that you can also do them offline on the go using the Lecturio app on your cell phone, tablet, etc. However, you should be careful, because in rare cases the recording does not work. But then you can still ask fellow students about their notes. It is also important for those who are procrastinators that time is properly
planned and that not everything is left for the examination phase.

Cycling in Munich!

Another tip is the MVG bike. The concept works like this: You have an app with a map, on which you can see where the next bike or the next station is (one in front of the main entrance of the TU and one in front of the north building). When you have found the bike, you book it via the app and receive a code that you enter on the bike display and you can start riding without having to park the bike in the same place again. Super easy! You can also reserve a bike for 15 minutes to make sure no one snaps it away. For 12 euros a semester (for students) you get 30 minutes free every day and every additional minute costs 5 cents. If you don’t want a tariff package, you can just drive for 5 cents a minute, but you also don’t get free minutes. You will also be credited with 10 free minutes if you return the bike to an MVG station. Registration takes place via your TUM email address so that you receive the student discount. If there are problems, there is also a competent hotline that can usually be reached.

Are you a brunch fanatic?

Then you are in the right place every Sunday in the Vorhoelzer Café Forum on the roof terrace of the TU! From 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. you can get a delicious brunch buffet there. TU students get away for 12 euros and are allowed to take a non-TU student guest for the same price, while non- students pay 17 euros (the price includes a juice spritzer). You get a great selection of different cold cuts, muesli over pancakes, egg with bacon, to goat cheese with a pear (!) and finally cake. You won’t be able to try everything out anyway. In summer you can also sit on the terrace, which guarantees a wonderful view over Munich to the mountains with chilled music. The perfect start to the day!

A Little Culture

The Residenztheater offers a WhatsApp ticker, which informs you almost every day about cheap tickets for students to various performances. So you can often find an exciting evening activity spontaneously, and for the most part still below the cinema ticket price. You can register on the website under Young Resi and Students. There is also a suitable newsletter there. If that’s not enough, how about opera? The Bavarian State Opera offers student tickets for less than 10 euros. So swing off the couch and experience some culture! The price is usually half of the general admission ticket. The standing room has high benches, which means you don’t really have to stand. Thanks to season tickets, places are often free, and if you line up skillfully, you can simply take over the free places in the next break. There is even the option of borrowing a monocle (check briefly that it has no damage). You can get the tickets in the advance booking office on Odeonsplatz, where you can also get several for popular shows – especially for the reduced price. And if you prefer to go to the cinema, have you ever heard of the sneak preview? Unpublished films are shown here once a week (the day depends on the cinema). You never know what to see: the latest blockbusters, but sometimes also interesting documentaries that you would otherwise not have seen. It’s a new surprise every time! For the entrance you pay a price that is easy on your wallet and costs around 6.50 €. Some cinemas also offer the preview in English, others in German. Just have a look online!

Last but not least: the student council of your degree program!
Here you get to meet nice people, you are always up to date, you can actively contribute, make a difference and it is simply a lot of fun. Just have a look! You will certainly not regret it!
Your Student Council TUM SOM