Talk with Saidi from Finanztip

Join us for an exciting event featuring a talk with Saidi Sulilatu from Finanztip! Get ready to dive into the world of personal finance and gain valuable insights from an expert. Whether you’re a financial enthusiast or just looking for some useful tips, this event is perfect for you.

Date: Tuesday, 19.03.2024

Time: 18:00-19:30

Location: Room 2300 (Friedrich von Thiersch Hörsaal), TUM Innenstadt Campus

Your Student Council TUM SOM

The event is a non-profit collaboration with Finanztip as a contribution to Global Money Week. Global Money Week is an annual campaign organised by the OECD to raise awareness of the importance of financial education for young people around the world. Finanztip is part of the non-profit Finanztip Foundation, whose mission is to promote financial education in Germany.

Recap 19.03.2024: We’re delighted to share insights from Navigate Your Financial Future

It was an evening that brought together over 200 students from Germany and abroad to explore the world of financial literacy. The highlight was an interactive talk with Saidi Sulilatu from Finanztip Stiftung, a non-profit foundation dedicated to improving financial literacy. Topics ranged from smart budgeting to sensible insurance choices, all aimed at empowering us to manage our finances with confidence.

It was inspiring to see so many students actively participating, asking questions and showing a real interest in shaping their financial future. The key message was clear and powerful: with the right knowledge, managing our finances independently is entirely achievable.

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