University Policy News 2.0 – How will the semester continue?

After the first few weeks in this very unusual semester have passed, we are here to provide you with some more information about current plans on this semesters exams and much more. You can also find a small introduction on the different alternative exam formats this semester.

  • Which exam formats are possible this semester?

    • Classic Attendance Exams
    • Supervised Computer-Based Written Exams
    • Supervised Remote Written Exams with Pen and Paper
    • Oral Remote Exams
    • Remote Student Presentation
    • Graded Work handed in during the semester

    We have created a detailed article about the possible exam formats here.

  • Are the retake exams planned yet?

    All retake exams should be rescheduled to be written during this semester’s extended lecture period. And some retake exams have already been planned. The informatics faculty has already published their retake exam dates. The electrical engineering faculty has posted some preliminary exam dates for the rescheduled exams as well. Check out their websites to find out the exact dates. And don’t forget to register for the exams!

  • What about the normal exams?

    Currently the large compulsory lectures are planned by TUM centrally. They will be most likely conducted via Proctorio and are planned with highest priority. After that, the scheduling of smaller lectures can start.

    Please be aware that this semester period will probably take longer, since TUM-wide only one exam via Proctorio can take place at once. Also classic attendance exams are harder to plan, because the whole TUM can only provide approximately 560 seats to write exams at once due to the current hygiene guidelines. But be reassured, there should be an exam to every offered lecture this semester.

    The first dates should be released at the end of June.

  • What about the academic progress check or my fundamentals exams?

    Fortunately, this semester’s academic progress check has been extended for students who are enrolled at TUM in summer semester 2020 and are not on a leave of absence.

    The same applies to the fundamentals exams of the bachelor program, since the deadline has been extended from the second to the third semester.

  • My exchange semester/project studies/internship abroad has been cancelled! What now?

    The faculty is offering two courses that will supplement the international experience for students, who had to cancel or break off their stay abroad this summer semester due to the Coronavirus. It will not replace the whole module, just enable you to fulfill the requirements in order to take on the exam or write the report.

    The faculty is still considering if they will offer such a supplementary course next semester as well. It will depend on the amount of students that will actually be affected next year. So if you are affected, don’t hesitate to contact the faculty about your situation so that they can reach out to you if there is a special solution for next semester as well.

  • Are there news about the winter semester yet?

    There are no fixed statements yet. But it is very likely that the lectures of next semester will be pushed back by to weeks and will start on 2nd of November 2020.

  • What about the TUM SOM student poll you conducted?

    Thank you for your active participation in our survey! We were able to get over 260 of your opinions on the online lectures and exam formats.

    We are currently contacting the faculty to address the problems in your lectures in the quality circles of each study program.

    Regarding the exams we have sent a letter to the chairs of the faculty addressing your concerns and opinions so we can implement the best possible solution for hopefully all of us.

    As many of you raised their concerns about having an unstable internet connection we are currently talking to the faculty about how we can minimize the number of affected students.

  • Not enough news yet?

    We can also highly recommend checking out the faculty’s and TUM wide Corona information websites regularly to stay up to date on the newest developments and decisions.

  • Do you need any documents?

    If you need documents, like a confirmation that you are studying at TUM for immigration, please write a mail to [email protected] or [email protected].

Hope you are all happy and healthy!

Your Student Council TUM SOM