HoPo News – What will happen next in these times?

In this new format we would like to give you insights into the exciting involvement of our department University Policy. Here you can find more detailed information on the structure and work of the department University Policy of the Student Council TUM SOM.

The past few weeks have been characterized by debates on the question “What will happen to us TUM students in times of corona and social distancing after the semester break?”. Do all our lectures take place? How will I rewrite exams which did not take place? How many seminars are offered this semester?

We would like to provide some answers to these questions:

Will the summer semester 2020 take place?

First – yes, the summer semester 2020 is taking place digitally for the time being. The individual chairs guarantee that all compulsory courses take place. In fact, just about 15 modules cannot take place this semester (for detailed information see TUMonline). Lectures already recorded last year will be made available again this semester. Tutorials are organized via “Zoom”. Most seminars can also be offered. The capacities of the individual seminars were increased, and the chairs were requested to approach the students on the waiting lists. “Moodle” is used as a central organizational platform on which all links to lecture recordings or video conferences are collected.

One of my exams did not take place – when can I rewrite it?

In addition to this exam, nine further exams for students of our faculty did not take place in the past winter semester. It has not yet been determined when exams will be rewritten (see also next section) – Pentecost holidays count as possible candidates. This decision also depends on when and to what extent existing restrictions in Bavaria will be relaxed. Our faculty also weighs up whether “online exams” are possible

Does the summer semester really end two weeks later?

The end of the semester was postponed to 7th August 2020, for now. This time should be used for unpredictable events. If, for example, exams in presence form are possible again, a two-week exam slot could be inserted, which would extend the semester accordingly. However, this does not mean that the lectures will be extended by these two weeks for sure.

When will I be allowed to go back to the TUM campus? When do the first lectures take place in the Audimax?

hese questions are also closely related to when and to what extent existing restrictions in Bavaria will be relaxed. If lectures at the campus are possible again, online studies will still be possible, too. Therefore, studying will be possible in the summer semester 2020 for international students who do not have the opportunity to come back to Munich as well.

Do you still have questions?

Please send us an email to corona@tum-som.com. And one last point, a request – The TUM assumes that some systems will be overloaded at the beginning, since all universities in Germany start online teaching at the same time. The TUM tries to increase all capacities and to enable regular studies as fast as possible. Please understand this exceptional situation.

We wish you a good start into the summer semester 2020!

Your student council TUM SOM