Helping during the Corona Crisis

Since the outbreak of the corona virus, public life in Germany has been restricted. Information and recommendations for action can be found on the website of the Robert Koch Institute or at the Federal Centre for Health Education.

Under these new situations many additional difficulties arise, which you can help to overcome:

(Please consider the recommendations of the Federal Government during all activities)

  • Neighbourhood Help

    Risk groups (e.g. elderly people or people with previous illnesses) have a more severe course of illness than less vulnerable people and are therefore urged not to leave their homes any more in order to reduce their risk of infection. To help them, you can register with Quarantänehelden or Coronaport or WirHelfen, who will put you in touch with people in need. You can also offer your neighbours to do shopping or small errands for them to help them in quarantine.

  • Student jobs in supermarkets

    Due to more frequent purchases and sick employees, many supermarkets are experiencing a shortage of staff: they are looking for temporary staff to cope with the onslaught.  Here is an article from the SZ about this topic. (Plus point: of course you earn some extra cash here)

  • Support for the Münchner Tafel

    The Münchner Tafel has many volunteers who belong to risk groups and are therefore also severely understaffed, which means that distributions have to be cancelled. More information on how and where you can help out can be found here.

  • Support your local stores

    The restriction of public life is causing severe economic damage to many local shops. By buying vouchers from your favourite shops, which you can redeem when they reopen, you counteract this. You can find more information on the Helfen München website.

    By using the delivery services of the shops, you can support them and at the same time reduce your social interactions!

  • Blood donations

    There is a downward trend in blood donations in Germany. If you feel healthy and have had no contact with an infected person, you can participate in one of the blood donation campaign of the DRK and help to secure the blood supply for intensive care patients.

  • Hackathon

    You can participate in the #hackaTUM_C0dev1d19 of the TUM and propose, work on and solve challenges that arise from the Corona crisis. The hackathon takes place from April 17th to 19th. You can find more information here.

We hope that you stay healthy and take the recommendations of the German government seriously and stay at home to protect people from risk groups!

Your Student Council TUM SOM