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So far, I have only been able to find the English version of the faculty website. Where can I find information in German?

The faculty website is only available in English at the moment. For information about all programs in German, please consult our website. For further information in English about the academic offering, please visit the TUM Website.

Where can I find the timetable for my current semester?

Basically, you are free to set your own timetable, as long as you follow some general rules. In the first and second semester of the TUM-BWL Bachelor, you need to make sure to complete all of your required GOPs (Fundamental and Orientation Exams). But by far the easiest method is to follow the suggested timetable issued by the faculty. You can find the official timetable by clicking on this link. You can also view your personal timetable on the TUM Campus portal under “Timetable”. This also where you will be notified of cancelled lectures.

You can also access the TUM Campus portal and -> Timetable -> TUM BWL B.Sc. to view all active courses and create your own timetable.

When are the dates for re-take exams?

For all courses at the TUM School of Management, re-take exams take place in the following semester. All technical specialization varies by faculty. Re-take exams for Electrical and Information Technology and Mechanical Engineering follow the same schedule as our faculty and are scheduled for the beginning of the semester break. For minor subjects Informatics and Chemistry, the re-take exams take place at the end of the semester break.

The final dates will officially be announced by the middle of the semester. Here’s an insider tip: When you view the current room bookings for the lecture halls most frequently used for exams on TUM online, you can sometimes find bookings for exams. The likelihood that these dates will be changed at a later time is very minor. So this may seem complicated, but it works.

Can I register for an exam after the sign-up period has elapsed?

You need to use your TUM online account to register for exams, and registration deadlines are locked into the system. For this reason, it is NOT possible to sign up for an exam after the registration period is over. Even a request to the chair or a faculty representative will not help to get a late registration, as sign-up is only possible via TUM online.

That’s why it is of utter importance to keep all deadlines in mind for important exams and register on time. Even if you end up not wanting to take the exam, you can cancel your registration up until one week before the exam, without getting a 5.0X on your scorecard.

I would like to improve and expand my soft skills. Is there a course offering for that?

There are plenty of opportunities. Find targeted ways to train your soft skills at the Center of Key Competencies, the Carl von Linde Academy or the TUM School of Management (Faculty).

I’m highly interested in the course program and would like a chance to see the university in person. Are there official campus tours?

In addition to official open house events there are also interactive smartphone tours across campus. These digital tours present the major advantage that you can explore the campus whenever it suits you and see it through the eyes of an actual student.

I’m invited to an admissions interview. What is the best way to prepare?

There are no specific guidelines or training steps. The best strategy is to read up on your desired course program and keep an eye on current news and events, especially in your field.

I noticed that some lectures are being recorded. Is there a chance to watch the videos?

Definitely. All recordings of lectures at the TUM School of Management are posted online on the Lecturio platform. All you need is complete the one-time registration using your TUM email address in order to access all recordings, playable at different speeds. For technical specializations, many lecture recordings are posted on Moodle.

Are there additional study materials I can use supplied by the university?

In addition to study materials on Moodle, some faculty websites offer additional teaching and study materials. Online you can also find a variety of summaries and quick guides on course subjects. Plus, you can download lots of related content on Unistuff.

I will start studying at TUM soon. Do I need to bring certain equipment such as a laptop or tablet?

Not necessarily. You do not need to have specific devices or operating systems. However, we do recommend that students purchase either a lightweight laptop or tablet. And did you know: As a TUM student, you can obtain lots of products such as Microsoft Office either for free or at a student discount. In case you did not bring your own computer, you may access our computer labs on campus whenever you need.


Is there an orientation event at the beginning of the semester?

Yes, there are a great number of orientation events. These include welcome events hosted by Uni Sport athletics or TUM online. Additionally, every new student is paired with a mentor to guide you through everyday campus life and answer your questions.

I have been admitted as a TUM-BWL Bachelor and completed my registration. What’s next?

First of all, congratulations! Your welcome package should arrive by the end of August. And if you are already curious to learn what to expect, have a look at our special section for new students.

I heard that there is a Math Prep course. Is it worth taking?

The Math Prep course is not a mandatory part of your curriculum. Then again, it’s quite useful and helps you ease into the program. Plus, all the group exercises offer a fast and easy way to meet new people.

I also heard there is a Meet & Greet Weekend. What’s that all about?

Every semester, we here at the TUM SOM student council organize a Meet & Greet Weekend for first semester students at the Chiemsee lake. This is the best way to get to know your fellow students and meet new friends.

At one point during the program, I will need to choose between a focus on management or technology. When do I need to make that decision?

No worries, you’re not asked to make that decision right away. Plus, you can visit several orientation sessions throughout the program to learn about the various focus areas. Learn more about these sessions on our introduction to the program page.

TUM BWL Bachelor (Bachelor in Management & Technology)

What are the exams I need to pass during the early part of the program (GOPs)?

GOPs sind Prüfungen, die innerhalb des ersten Studienjahres (2 Semester, bis zum Anfang des 3. Semesters) bestanden werden müssen. Im TUM-BWL Bachelor sind dies momentan Management Science (MS), Mathe 1, Volkswirtschaftslehre 1 (VWL 1) & Statistik. Hierbei ist die Besonderheit, dass Du nur 3 dieser 4 Prüfungen in den ersten beiden Semestern bestehen musst. Dabei hast Du 2 Versuche pro Fach (MS im WS & SS, Mathe 1 2x im WS, VWL1 im WS & SS, Statistik 2x im SS).
Zusätzlich musst Du ab dem 3. Semester folgende Credithürden erfüllen:

  • Nach dem 3. Semester: 30 ECTS Credits
  • Nach dem 4. Semester: 60 ECTS Credits
  • Nach dem 5. Semester: 90 ECTS Credits
  • Nach dem 6. Semester: 120 ECTS Credits
  • Nach dem 7. Semester: 150 ECTS Credits
  • Nach dem 8. Semester: 180 ECTS Credits bzw. abgeschlossen

Die Maximalstudienzeit im TUM-BWL Bachelor beträgt somit 8 Semester (+2 mögliche Urlaubssemester)

How many exams does the program require me to take and when?

Dies kann man nicht pauschal sagen, doch allgemein muss zu jeder Vorlesungsreihe auch eine Prüfung geschrieben werden. Bei etwa fünf Vorlesungen gibt es demnach auch etwa fünf Prüfungen. Die Prüfungstermine liegen meist in den ersten zwei bis drei Wochen der Semesterferien. Das bietet den Vorteil, dass man nicht die gesamten Ferien lernen muss.

I would already like to take a semester abroad during my Bachelor program. Is that an option?

Generally speaking, this is an option and strongly supported by the faculty. However, there is a possibility that you may require an extra semester to finish your Bachelor degree.

What is the “English Track”?

Es gibt eigentlich keinen English-Track. Wenn Du alle Prüfungen des gesamten Bachelors auf Englisch gehört hast, bekommst Du am Ende Deines TUM-BWL Studiums eine Auszeichnung darüber.

Hierbei musst Du beachten, dass Du als einzigen Technischen Schwerpunkt Computer Engineering wählen darfst, da nur dieser Schwerpunkt alle Fächer auf Englisch aufweist. Außerdem musst Du die Alternativ-Veranstaltungen zu WPR I & II (Wirtschaftsprivatrecht I & II) wählen.