Not another career event: Come join us for our Virtual Company Crawl 2021!

f your inbox is exploding with invitations to virtual career & networking events – don’t panic, we have got you covered! In the typical TUM SOM Student Council fashion, we have prepared another atypical networking event: The Virtual Company Crawl! Join us on June 18th for a trip down the virtual rabbit hole of four unique tech companies. You will have the chance to cross-examine real employees, get together with interesting people and learn tricks & tips that will help you grow personally and professionally. And we promise you that we’ll make it feel like an on-site event. See you there! 

What will the event look like?

Date: June 18th,2021

Time: 18:00 – 21:00 

Place: Google Meet 

Event Language: English

Ticket Price: 5€

Ticket refund: Absolutely! Participants will receive a 5€ Lieferando voucher. 

Registration Deadline: June 16th!  (Hurry up, places are limited!)
Registration Link:

The event will be kicked off with a presentation round, where each of the participating companies will have 10 -15 minutes to pitch themselves to you! Shortly after, each company will be assigned a separate virtual room, where they will hold their Q&A session. You will be able to rotate between all five virtual rooms and get to cross-examine each of the participating companies one by one. To avoid creating utter chaos, we will moderate this part of the event. We plan on giving you 15 minutes of Q&A time for each company. But don’t panic, if one of them sparks your interest and you don’t want to part too soon, you will get more time to chat afterwards. There will be a company quiz with a chance of winning amazing prizes (and the jealousy of the fellow participants!). Feel free to stay and network as long as you want! 

What companies will be there?

Immutable Insight is a Munich-based Blockchain start-up that recently gained a juicy Seed-series investment. The company has developed an algorithm for real-time blockchain data analysis. They use their algorithm to monitor and analyse real-time user data of Blockchain transactions across the globe and then use the data to invest in Blockchain-Fonds. The current valuation of the start-up lies at 12 million Euro. Immutable Insight is co-founded and ran by female CEO Katharina Gehra, which makes us ladies at TUM very proud.

e-bot7 offers a chatbot platform for customer service to B2B clients that have integrated Artificial Intelligence based on Natural Language Processing algorithms. The company has its headquarter in Munich and several offices across Europe. They recently won 1st place in the category “Best Innovation” in the E-commerce Germany Awards, which proves that they are a big deal, and have a special trick up their sleeve that makes them stand over all other chatbot platforms.

Munich based consulting manufactory Verovis is not your average consultancy company. They use AI algorithms for operative planning and forecasting, machine learning algorithms to automize cashflow forecasting, and can automatically reorganize and consolidate structures across multiple ERP systems. Their advanced tech approach to consulting is crowned with a heavy chain of positive customer references, Rolls Royce controlling being one of the top names we can drop.

Connactz is revolutionizing management in the music industry with a “Virtual Manager”. This is a one-of-a-kind platform that covers all the artists’ managerial needs, from booking concerts and legal consulting to synchronising their calendar and keeping their invoices. Connactz doesn’t plan on stopping there: currently, the team is developing a private profile option, where third parties can participate in the platform and look for jobs that allow bands to have extra support.

Many thanks to all the participating companies.

We hope to see you all at the Virtual Company Crawl 2021!

Your Student Council TUM SOM