University Elections at TUM SOM

On July 28th of 2020, this year’s university elections for the student representatives of all important university committees take place. To be able to keep working for you and your successful studies, the candidates need your vote! The elected representatives only have the opportunity to assert your requests and demands towards the faculty, if they obtain the adequately legitimation.

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WHO: In the following, we will present you the lists that candidate for the Faculty Board and the Senat. And you can also try out the “Walomat” of the ASTA: here you can answer some questions and get information about how the different parties or lists positioned themselves towards these topics!

In case you are a candidate on a list yourself and want us to add your specific candidates to this website, you can always write us a mail.

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How To Vote

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  • FS TUM School of Management (LitFaS)

Give Your Voice to LitFaS and We Will Raise Our Voice for You!

Hanna & Laura as your student delegates for the faculty board

We are Hanna & Laura, a motivated team consisting of a Master and a Bachelor of Management and Technology student. Having been the speakers of the TUM SOM student council, both of us have been a contributing part in our faculty’s committees. We now want to go beyond this and actively be involved in the decisions made at our faculty’s highest committee, the faculty board.

Together we bring a diverse mix of experience to the table: Laura majors in Informatics while Hanna has shifted from Mechanical to Power Engineering in her Master. While Hanna has represented you in the Quality Circle of the Bachelor and is now advocating for your best interests in the Master of Management and Technology, Laura has stood up for the interests of Master in Management students and collaboratively worked towards rectifying the weaknesses and enforcing the strengths of this study program.

So what do we stand for?

Standing Together in Unprecedented Times:
We are fighting to ensure the best possible online teaching. In a recent online survey we have collected your fears and insecurities regarding the online semester and are communicating them to the faculty. We are also part of the faculty’s internal task force that is developing a concept of teaching for next semester.
Our Goal:
If studies have to be continued online, a teaching approach is needed that integrates the characteristics of the online environment and ensures that no one is left high and dry.

Getting Back to a Improved TUM School of Management:
We believe in a return to our valued Campus life. Simply because this is unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future, why not improve conditions at TUM School of Management’s facilities in the meantime. Last semester, we have already achieved an increase in study spaces through the opening of seminar rooms to students during the exam period and are currently under discussion with the faculty for further improvements.
Our Goal:
An advanced study space distribution system to avoid the blockage of unused spaces as well as an accessible student printing systems.

Expanding Your Knowledge:

We strive to improve and diversify all technical specializations at TUM School of Management. Every semester we hand in requests of modules that you would like to have added to broaden your horizon.
Our Goal:
Optimized, well-fitting module catalogues for all specializations, providing you with a real choice on how to shape your studies.

Having an Open Ear and Mind for All:
We believe that the needs of all students at all campuses of TUM School of Management are equally important. We neither favour domestic nor international students. We always have an open ear and mind for you – be it to help you through current struggles, to listen to your ideas for improvements or to informally exchange study experiences.
Our Goal:
A strong bridge between our faculty committees and all TUM School of Management

students based on constructive collaboration and continuous feedback from all sides.

Now it’s up to you: Give your voice to LitFaS and we can raise our voice for you! Because the more of you vote, the more legitimate our standing in the faculty board will become.


Hanna & Laura

Alexander Reisenauer

With experience and dedication for your interests!

For almost two years, since the beginning of my studies, I gained experience in the Student

Council. I dedicated myself to various projects, especially in university policy. Since January

this year, I am proud of being able to give our interests a voice in the General Student

Representation (FSR). In April I was voted for Student Council Speaker – with innovative

ideas and by taking my tasks very seriously. My biggest goals are to improve your

connection to the faculty and adding the icing on the cake to the campus life!

Krisztian Havasi

So who’s in charge?

Fellow readers and voters, i’m curious: How did Coronavirus mess up your semester plans?

For me, I bought skis for the alps in march, had tickets to FC Bayern vs. Chelsea and booked an IMAX presentation of the new James Bond film for April – that had moving chairs!

Now that is behind us but our exams are not: Without clear communication between students and faculty, handling the circumstances for this and next semester is a mess.

I am candidating as a representative for the FSR, the biggest Student Council committee at TUM, to become the voice for clarity and fair policies, and against desinformation or lack of responsibility. With your vote I want to press forward for Students in Munich and abroad. Make that commitment to vote on your part

Felix Neurieder

My name is Felix Neo Rieder, I am a 2nd semester student of Management and Technology and have been active in the student council since the beginning of my studies at TUM. First of all I was involved in the Events and Student Experience department, where I already participated in several events and was responsible for sponsoring the Ersti Week of the summer semester. Since December 2019 I have been a member of the Quality Circle and am now increasingly active in the area of university policy. That’s why I have been a member of the Fachschaftenrat (FSR) since April 2020 and represent the interests of our students there together with others from the Fachschaft TUM SOM. In addition to my studies, I am also a working student at Telefonica Deutschland and in my free time I go climbing and surfing.

Isabella Hennessen

Fighting for your interests in the Board of Student Councils!

I am active in the student council since the beginning of my studies, hence I have fought for your interests for 4 years by now. I have accumulated a lot of knowledge about our university and its processes, which I love to share and use to shape our university life in the best way possible!

Besides my activities in this Board of Student Councils where all student councils come together, I am engaging in the general student council. By this engagement I am improving our networking, ensuring that we receive all important information ready on time and can communicate it to you as early as possible!”

Elena Wegner

Never Gonna Give You Up.

The improvement of our courses, adding new ones to the curriculum, addressing the lack of space in the study rooms or getting a printer for all students to access, are important and diverse issues our team tackles throughout the year.

Right now, I, as your representative in the faculty board and head of the university policy department, work on addressing the issues surrounding our exams this semester as well as the upcoming winter term, should university life still not continue as normal. While we do our work, it is important to me that you are aware of what’s going on and that you get the chance to address your problems. I hope you give me your vote to enable me to improve the flow of information and keep on challenging our study programs.



Nikolas Kaltenbach

I have been active in the student council for five years now and was the main organiser for several events during this time, such as the Start Up Party at the main campus, the orientation phase for freshmen or the summer ball. Furthermore, I have been responsible for the non-university representation of the TUM BWL e.V., the association behind the student council. This mainly involves the financial handling of all activities of the student council and, for example, the establishment and maintenance of partnerships with interesting companies to enrich the opportunities for the students. As an elected representative I would like to continue to support the expansion of the possibilities at the TUM School of Management.

Tobias Tiemeier

Your Problems Matter

After studying for about five years and having worked as a research assistant for quite some time, I’d say I know quite a lot about how universities work. Many things are great, some are not and everyone’s needs are different. Obviously, there is always room for improvement. Having represented my fellow students of the M.Sc. Consumer Science program in the Quality Circle since the beginning of my Masters’, I’d now like to go bigger and help improve the study situation for all of you!

Luis Wallner

I’ve been with the student council since my very first days at the university. I started off by committing to the Quality Circle Bachelor Management & Technology and by organizing the freshmen weekend. After being a student council speaker for half of my studies I am looking forward to representing you as a student in the following year.

Stefan Kovacevic


I aspire to be a voice of yours and to make sure your concerns are heard. I believe that every student is worth being heard and every opinion is important. In my 3 semesters I have been studying in this bachelor’s program now, I have tried to improve your student lifestyle with parties, career events and more. Since this semester, I am one of the student council speakers which gives me the opportunity and the responsibility to represent you against the faculty and the TUM and to make sure we are not overheard!

Maria Stan

Need a helping hand?

More than two years have passed since I joined the Student Council TUM SOM. Currently, I am one of the heads of the Student Experience department and thus, my mission is to ensure that every one of you receives help whenever you need it. Coming myself from abroad, I keep an eye on issues that international students might face at TUM, and I am always ready to give advice from my own experience

Martina Schlammerl

Never gonna let you down!

I have been an active member of the student council for one and a half years now and am particularly involved in the „ Student Experience“ department. Where I organized events like the general student assembly or the o-phase to improve the start of your studies as well as your everyday student life. In addition, I am part of the board of the TUM BWL e.V., the association behind the student council. This primarily involves handling the financial activities of the student council. I look forward to your vote, to improve your time at the university.

Simon Hochstraßer

Since the beginning of my studies in 2018, I have been a member of the TUM-SOM student council. After first being active in the field of university policy, I am now responsible for the non-university representation of TUM BWL e.V., the association behind the student council. This mainly involves the financial management of all activities of the student council.

It is my goal to make your studies at the Faculty TUM-SOM more attractive and better. The interests of all students should find an open ear and be effectively represented in the university policy department. It would be my pleasure to make the most of your studies for you.

Vincent Röthig

Make your student experience great again! – Head of Department Student Experience

Making friends and parties was not the only motivation for joining the Student Council in my 2nd semester, but also helping fellow students with any questions about their studies. Now being in the 4th Bachelor Semester, I have also organised the onboarding weeks for the freshmen and am currently working on improving the TUM SOMex application process as well as several events to enhance your student life. I would be thrilled to continue, also during these difficult times, to make your studies become the time of your life.

Julia Berchtenbreiter

Let me enhance your studies

The student council contributes an important part to the improvement of your studies, this is the reason why I’ve been active in the student council since the beginning of my studies. In the past I have already contributed a lot to the student council, for example I was head of student experience for 3 years in a row and was able to organize several events (e.g. student council general meeting, freshmen week, exam preparation session). Help me keep up the work in the future by giving me your vote!

Paula Frindte

Never gonna run around and desert you

Were you ever struggling with the jungle of study-related information? Did it take you ages to find out about changes in the module catalogue? Have you ever wished to be able to talk directly to the decision makers of the faculty board?

As head of the Marketing department of the Student Council TUM SOM I consistently work on sharing the latest news from our University Policy department with you and collecting feedback and fresh ideas from all TUM SOM students. In the upcoming year I want to work on further improving the transfer of important information between university policy and students!

Jürgen Schiffer

With university wide experience for your interests!

As current President of the general Student Council (also known as AStA or Studentische Vertretung), I am representing all 42.000 student in the major decisions at TUM (e. g. transformation of the faculties into schools, the COVID19 Crisis, concepting of new study programs, distribution of money, …).

Together with all of you I want to use these experiences and contacts to further improve the study experience for the students of the School of Management and of the other faculties.

Maximiliane Mittermair

My name is Maxi and I am currently enrolled in the 3rd semester of the Master in Management & Technology. I have been a part of the student counciI for over 3 years now and am mostly involved in the areas of university policy (especially the quality circle of the MMT) and student care. For me, it is important to let the students know there is someone interested in their needs. Furthermore, decisions concerning our studies should not be made without our right to have a say in the decision process

Niklaas Deutscher

The Man for You

Why should you vote for me?

Good question but easy to answer.

The first thing I did when I came to university was to explore the opportunities I (in particular: WE) have to enforce our interests. In my last year at school I was the first representative of my colleagues and therefore I know how great the feeling is pushing things through which are in interest of all of us students.

Shortly, a vote for me is a vote for the enforcement of your interests. Because this is what I want to do in the following years: I want to enforce our interests with all my time and competences I have.

Maybe this could be a reason for you to vote for me – at least I hope so …

(Postscriptum: If you have any complaints or wishes do not hesitate to contact me! [email protected])

Abdullah Ghazi

I am very passionate about representing the students and conveying their demands to the faculty and administration, which was one the main reasons I joined the university policy department in the fall of 2018. Since then, me and my team was able to achieve a lot, from updating of course outline pages consequently removing the ambiguities of language of instructions, increasing the frequency of review of elective courses offered by other programs which can be added to MiM’s Elective list and, Improving the admissions criteria of the program. We hope to achieve much more for the betterment of the Program in the coming future.

Moritz Maier-Borst

In the end, experience pays off for every student at TUM School of Management! 

I have been an active part in the TUM School of Management’s student council for the past 5 years. Thereby, I’ve been responsible for a lot of things, such as running the organization as a student council speaker for 2,5 years. Besides the many immediate study improvements to which I contributed, I also see my long lasting experience as a very valuable asset to the student council and the people who are now mainly in charge of it. Therefore, I’d like to continue this work with your vote!

Lea Plischuk

Help us raise our voice for your studies!

As a student council member since day one of my studies I am excited to constantly improve your study experience at TUM SOM. For that, I help everywhere I can – from organizing the freshmen weekend to pouring you drinks at the cocktail booth and of course bringing your feedback to the responsibles who can make a change. Besides that, I was head of Marketing & Internet for two years. I did my best to keep you informed about everything you need to know. At this point I want to continue and keep up the great life at our faculty.


    Find more information about the candidates of the RCDS on their website.

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  • Liste eurer Fachschaften (LitFas)

    Find more information about the goals of the LitFas on their website or go directly to their electoral program.

Henry Winner

Ge(h)Winner wählen!

My name is Henry Winner, I’m 22 and studying electrical and computer engineering (ECE). I’m currently in the second semester of the master’s program. I have been volunteering with the departmental student council ECE for almost four years now. During that time, I have participated in a number of committees at the faculty level. I’m in my third term as a student representative on the department council ECE. I have also been able to gain more experience at the TUM level as the student body vice president last year.
There are two topics that are of special significance to me. The first being the campus Garching. I would like to see student halls of residence, just like Studentenstadt and the Olympic Village, being built there. The second topic is all about digital teaching especially after Corona. Can the developed concepts be used in a hybrid teaching environment or even to complement conventional teaching? Furthermore students must be given a choice between an analog exam and a proctored exam.

Matthias Ostermeier

Do it or do it not. There is no try.

I am Matthias Ostermeier 28 years old and I am studying Food Technology at the WZW in the 2nd M.Sc.-Semester. Since the beginning of my studies I have been active in the students committee (SC) LemiBrau and I am currently the 1st board member of the SC. My previous experience from various committees and commissions prepares me very well to enforce the demands of the student representation in the Senate. My goals include the best possible coping with the corona crisis and the post corona consequences, as well as the restructuring to the school system. At the WZW, this will happen from winter semester 20/21, and the process needs to be accompanied proactively and closely monitored from the beginning.

Sandra Paßreiter

Dreams don’t work unless you do!

My name is Sandra Paßreiter and I am studying M. Sc. Chemistry. I’ve been involved in the student representation since my third bachelor semester. Currently I’m head of the department of university politics, spokesman of the elected student representation and since 2018 I am also a member of the faculty council. In these positions I’ve gained a lot of experience, which I now would like to bring to a university wide level. In addition to coping with the Corona crisis, the health of students is particularly important to me. Surveys repeatedly showed that many students suffer from stress. I would like to ensure that health-promoting structures develop at all campuses which reduce stress and ensure a positive learning and research climate.

David Vadasz

Hochschulpolitik ist kein Rumkuchen – deshalb LitFas wählen!

Hey greetings! I’m David Vadasz, 21 years old and I’m in my sixth semester of B.Sc. Political Science. I have been active in the student representation and in my Fachschaft for over two years. Currently I am one of the three chairmen of the student council, primarily responsible
for internal management. For the Student Representation – be it in the Senate, AStA or the student council – it is particularly important to me that there is good cooperation between the various offices and positions of the Student Representation so that together we can achieve the best for the entire student body.

Nora Reinbold

Well behaved women rarely make history.

My name is Nora Reinbold, I am 23 years old and am studying mechanical engineering in the first year of my master’s program. I’ve been a member of the Mechanical Engineering student council (FSMB) since my first semester at TUM. As part of my work in the student council, I organised the freshmen program as well as our party, the esp, and I was the head of the FSMB for a year. I currently represent all students of the faculty in the faculty council. At university level, sustainability is particularly important to me: I would like to work towards ensuring that TUM teaches its graduates to act responsibly with regard to our environment and educates them on how to use their specialist knowledge to make tomorrow’s world a little more sustainable. In addition, the promotion of women in MINT subjects is a particular concern of mine. Providing more female role models in teaching is very important, as are mentoring programs that are accessible and attractive to all female students.

Elena Wegner

Never gonna give you up!

My name is Elena Wegner, I’m studying Management & Technology and I’ve been active in the student council TUM SOM for two years now. Here I am head of the university policy department and represent the students’ interests in the faculty board of the TUM School of Management. My goals next year are to improve and innovate the teaching formats at TUM, to put a bigger focus on sustainability at every campus and lastly to better involve international students in the student life.