The Master in Management and Technology (MMT)


The Master in Management and Technology (MMT) is a master’s program at the TUM School of Management replacing the two former master’s programs TUM-BWL and TUM WITEC. The program combines management with technological studies resulting in a special skill-set of the students requested by more and more employees.

Program Structure

The duration of the program is two years (4 semesters) and requires a full-time study commitment (30 ECTS credits per semester). The program is held in both, German and English, but it can be studied up to 100% in English. In general, the program consists of four spaces, in which all modules are non-compulsory: specialization in management (30 ECTS), specialization in technological studies (30 ECTS), electives (30 ECTS), and the master’s thesis (30 ECTS).
Especially the electives enable students to go abroad more easily without losing a semester.


Specialization in Management

To fulfill the requirements, 30 ECTS should be absolved in one of the following possible specialization:
Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Finance & Accounting, Marketing, Strategy & Leadership, Operations & Supply Chain Management, Economics & Policy, Energy Markets, or Life Science Management
Additionally, at least one Advanced Seminar (6 ECTS) has to be attended by the student

Specialization in Technological studies

Students can choose between the following areas of studies: computer science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemistry, computer engineering, and industrial engineering (just as a minor).

Depending on the technological specialization during the bachelor’s program, we distinguish between minor and major studies. They differ in their nature and requested effort.
If a sufficient number of modules were attended during the bachelor’s program, the student can attend advanced modules in the technological specialization, finishing it with a so-called major.
If the number of attended modules is insufficient, or in the case of changing the specialization compared to the bachelor’s studies, the student can only attend so-called minor courses. In electrical engineering and chemistry, compulsory modules exist.


Students can choose every module offered by the TUM School of Management, and from the electives of the technological specializations, when they fulfill the requirements. The electives can be used to transfer credit points from your studies abroad more easily or to achieve an additional minor in a second technological specialization.


To qualify for the Master in Management and Technology, applicants must hold a Bachelor´s degree – requiring at least 6 semesters of study of at least 180 ECTS – in TUM-BWL, Management, Business Administration, Economics, or an equivalent subject. Additionally, a proof of proficiency in English is needed. The TUM School of Management accepts next to TOEFL, IELTS and the Cambridge Certificate, also the proof of an English-language examination modules of at least 12 ECTS credits in the first-degree program. Finally, the applicant has to successfully complete the assessment procedure.

+++ Information for current Master students of the TUM School of Management (TUM-BWL and TUM WITEC, 1st & 2nd semester) +++
Since the Master program is a new course, it is not possible to simply change the course of studies. For a change, a completely new application for the Master of Management and Technology course is necessary. Already passed modules are expected to be acknowledged 1 to 1.