Master in Consumer Affairs


The Master in Consumer Affairs (MCA) is a master’s program at the TUM School of Management that combines management studies with social and consumer sciences. The program prides itself on diversity and includes participants from many different countries and various academic backgrounds.  Companies, governments, NGOs, and research institutions all over the globe are looking for graduates with international experience who understand how consumers operate in their economic, social, and environmental contexts.

Programm Structure

The duration of the program is two years (4 semesters) starting every winter semester, and requires a full-time study commitment (30 ECTS credits per semester).  As a Master of Science program, the MCA requires a sound theoretical and methodological foundation which will be provided by courses mainly during the first semester. The goal is to provide a sufficient background for more specialized studies in the following courses.

The program is held entirely in English, but some elective German modules are available. The lectures are given both in Weihenstephan and Munich main campuses. After taking the basic courses in Consumer Affairs (required modules) during the first semester, students have to choose one of the following specializations for the second and third semester before writing their master’s thesis in the fourth semester:

  • Consumer, Technology, and Innovation
  • Sustainable Consumption

Students also have the opportunity to participate in studies abroad and may earn a dual degree with Wageningen University in the Netherlands.


  • The specialization in Consumer, Technology, and Innovation focuses on instilling a knowledge of technology and innovation management. Students learn about topics such as consumer history, entrepreneurship, advances in technology, and economic policy.
  • The relevance of sustainability is constantly increasing with rising demand on water, energy, and food. Therefore, the specialization in Sustainable Consumption focuses on the effects that consumers, governments, and companies have on the utilization of these scarce resources.


To qualify for the Master in Consumer Affairs, applicants must hold a Bachelor´s degree – requiring at least 6 semesters of study of at least 180 ECTS – in Management, Business Administration, Economics, Sociology, or an equivalent subject, or applicants need to have earned at least 30 credits in socio-economic courses in their prior degree. Prospective students may only apply for the MCA program if they have completed the Bachelor’s program at the time of application. Partner universities have their own admission requirements for exchanges and the double degree program.

To get more detailed information, you may also contact one of the members of the 2016 MCA Quality Circle.