Company Crawl

Even in hard times due to the Corona pandemic, we managed to hold our Company Crawl in a digital form on December 9th and gave our students insights into various companies. Among them were successful startups as well as big companies, namely Amazon, Ebot7, Much. Personio and The event started with an introduction of the companies followed by a Q&A session in small breakout rooms. This way, our students were able to get to know the participating firms on a more personal way and were able to find out if they could see themselves working in the respective companies.

This global player needs no further introduction and yet no one really knows how the logistics work or what individual projects the different departments are working on. We got an insight into the journey of a package on its way to the customer and learned about open jobs and new projects for the next year. It was exciting to get to know such a large company from the inside.

2020 has shown how important digitalization in companies really is. Ebot7 offers a chatbot that sets the tone in the field. The bot automates communication between consumers and businesses, allowing companies to handle simple requests more efficiently and effectively.

This company declared “war” to SAP and wants to beat them at their own game. Much. makes this possible through goal-oriented consulting and integration of diverse IT systems in order to carry out projects successfully.

Personio sees HR responsible in companies as heroes. Their goal is to support them in every way possible. Therefore, they developed a HR management software, which enables to reduce tedious activities and bureaucratic work.

Every year millions of clothes get send back to online vendors because they don’t fit. This not only costs a lot of money for the respective vendors but also harms the environment. To tackle this problem at its root, developed a software that can measures consumers’ perfect clothing size with nothing more than a simple smartphone video.

All in all, the event was a great success. Many thanks to all the participating companies.

We hope to see you all in the next Crawl and wish you happy holidays!

Your Student Council TUM SOM